Thoughts on Art

Occasionally, I have written on art (or in collaboration with artists).


I wrote an essay on a Hamlet-performance at Frankfurt’s Portikus, published in Sophie von Olfers, Mark von Schlegell (Eds.) Hamlet, mise-en-scène: EXTRA TROUBLE—Jack Smith in Frankfurt, Sternberg Press 2014.
If you’re interested, you can watch some of the performance here. And a pre-print version of my essay can be found here.

I also wrote a review of Nora Schultz’ fantastic exhibition at the Renaissance Society in Chicago, parrottree – building for bigger than real. My text was published in Texte zur Kunst, March 2014.


As part of the exhibition “Three cheers to the feet under the curtain” by Edgars Gluhovs and Timothy Furey, I contributed a letter, which you can find here.